Apple Customer Service Part II

Well, this is a follow-up to my original post of how great Apple customer service is.

I own a Time Capsule, which is known to stop powering on after approximately 18months, and true to form, my time capsule died. I tried plugging it in various outlets, and none of them worked. Apple recently issued a recall for it, but sadly, my time capsule did not qualify. I figure I would make an appointment and see if they would make an exception.

Went to the Apple store, and after some diagnostics, they couldn’t get it to turn on either. However, since it wasn’t part of the recall, they couldn’t replace it at the store. Undeterred, I decided to call Apple technical support and see if they could do anything about it; Ten minutes later, they told me that they could process it through my AppleCare on my iMac. Within 2 days, a brand new Time Capsule was at my doorstep.

I’m always amazed at how forgiving and accommodating Apple is. After dealing with Dell and Verizon FiOS customer support (I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, that is how bad it is), it is refreshing to communicate with knowledgable people who will help you out. 🙂