New Exercise Plan

Well, I think I’ve come to the realization that doing exercise after work is just not a feasible option for me right now.  I get out of work around 5:30PM, and by the time I get home, eat, do the normal stuff around the house, etc., it is at least 8PM, and usually I need to spend some time reading and doing homework for my class.   My goal right now is to lose about 15 pounds (though more wouldn’t necessarily be in bad, haha) in order to have a more healthy lifestyle.

To assist in that effort, I’ve been attempting to run a few days a week in the morning before work.  I need to get up at 5:30AM in order to allow myself enough time to get ready and run before work, which is early (!), but something I need to do.  I did really well two weeks ago, but last week I didn’t go running at all (had to wake up early to go to work everyday and had a lot of homework/personal stuff to do after).  So this week I will be getting back to the swing of things.  My goals are as follows:

  • Work out 5 days a week
  • Work up to doing 10minutes per mile for a total of 3.5miles

Once I complete those two goals consistently, I will try to keep conditioning myself and making new goals.

I am using Runkeeper (awesome app) to track and record my progress.  You can follow me here.  I appreciate any encouragement, this will be a tough journey!


2 Responses to New Exercise Plan

  1. Setapart82 says:

    You can do it! Haha…I’ll try & join u in the early morning sessions a few times a week… Although I might need more help than u in getting up… And then we can think of other forms of motivation if that doesn’t work 😉

  2. Murtaza says:

    Keep this up for sure.

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