How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

Created by Oatmeal

Surprisingly, that is a 25% less than what I thought my result would be, haha.  Between Facebook and Twitter, I post quite a bit of what is happening in my life, which for better or for worse, is where the world is headed.  I know a few people who are still against social media and such, and maybe it is a generational thing, but I enjoy being connected at all times.  Does make me wonder what kind of technology my future children will have one day, and more importantly, will I be able to grasp and relate to it?  I want to say yes because of my engineering background and my fondness for technology, but I guess time will tell.


2 Responses to Facebook

  1. Josh says:

    I stopped reading at “future children” 😉

  2. Michael says:

    WTF?! You have a blog?! You never tell me ANYTHING anymore!

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