Christmas Choir Concert

Choir Concert

This Sunday (assuming it doesn’t snow a foot!) will be our annual Christmas concert. If you are in the neighborhood, come join us! 🙂



How Addicted to Facebook Are You?

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Surprisingly, that is a 25% less than what I thought my result would be, haha.  Between Facebook and Twitter, I post quite a bit of what is happening in my life, which for better or for worse, is where the world is headed.  I know a few people who are still against social media and such, and maybe it is a generational thing, but I enjoy being connected at all times.  Does make me wonder what kind of technology my future children will have one day, and more importantly, will I be able to grasp and relate to it?  I want to say yes because of my engineering background and my fondness for technology, but I guess time will tell.


Well, I must start out by saying that Thanksgiving this year was a lot of fun 🙂  As always, the day started off by going to church in the morning for our Thanksgiving breakfast.  I spent most of the time helping to prepare the food, maintaining the kitchen while we are serving, and of course cleaning up (Fun fact: I am in charge of the kitchen committee). Lot of work, but I’m used to it, have been doing it for years now.

After church was done, went home to help clean up a bit, and then bring over the tables, chairs, and other random things to my brother and sister-in-law‘s house in Somerset to set up.  After that, came home and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing, mostly playing PS3, specifically Assassin’s Creed 2.  Very weird/freaky story (difficult to explain here), but good game-play. Kind of nice to play video games again, hadn’t really done so for almost 3-4months.  It serves as a nice break from work & school. 🙂

Speaking of work, found out today we have two new engineers coming in next Monday (Yes, we are hiring :P), and that I am going to be the sponsor of one and train him.  Hopefully I do a good job of showing him the ropes and stuff.  I trained this guy, so you can ask him if I did a good job 😉

On a last point, as we enter the Christmas season, just remember to stop and take time to remember what Christmas is really about… remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ.  It is easy to get wrapped up in all the things we have to do (work, school, buying presents, keeping the family going, etc.), but all of those things at the end of the day will not fill our lives completely.  So as the craziness levels increase, just keep in perspective that we are celebrating God being born so that he could one day die for us on the cross.